Walking Stick Umbrella

There are so many types of walking umbrellas. It could be distinguished by the length of frame, the materials, and even the design and the color of fabric. Under different specification, they are often categorized into as walker golf umbrella, mens walking umbrella and ladies walking stick umbrellas. Bigger canopy as 105cm is often applied to mens walking umbrella with heavier and fatter handles. In terms of tones, men prefer calm colors of the canopy. On the other hand, colorful canopy and brighter color of canopy frequently show on ladies walking umbrellas. Ladies walking umbrellas pay more attentions to the design of the canopy and even use heat cutting or add lace trimming on the edge of the canopy. Walking stick umbrella is much stronger than folding umbrella and usually with bigger canopy which can protect users from huge rains. Below are introductions for some types of walking stick umbrellas.