Artfarm Umbrella Limited currently holds 25 patents internationally on umbrella and frame structures, and below are some of our latest core patents:

Patent Name Patent Type Patent Contents
AOAC umbrella with rotatable canopy Utility model A mechanism that enables the canopy to rotate with the direction of wind, so as to reduce the possibility of inversion.
Easy shaft structure for AOAC umbrella Utility model This is an improved shaft structure of the automatic open and close umbrella. With this mechanism, when the user pushes the button to close the umbrella, the 3rd section of shaft will be pulled into the 2nd section, and the user only needs to push the 2nd section into the 1st section.
Multi-section umbrella with easy folding function Utility model This new structure, involving the shaft, notch and runner, allows the automatic open and close umbrella to fold very smoothly compared to the rather eruptive closing action of other automatic open and close umbrellas.
Two-stage umbrella folding mechanism Utility model A mechanism that folds the automatic open and close umbrella in a 2-stage action.