Global Reach

Artfarm / Befashion runs our sales and purchasing team in Taiwan,

and OEM Umbrella, ODM Umbrella production line located in China. As a professional OEM and ODM producing company, we provide complete umbrella product to clients with our high quality assembly line and stable material supply chain.

Artfarm / Befashion is established as a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality umbrella for all over the world. After more than 30 years developing and finding crossover products for all our customers need, we decided to build a new division for better service and trading for our worldwide customers.

Nowadays we provide distinctive products across personal accessories, bags, and clothing for the modern lifestyle, which are created and developed from Taiwan. Our products are practical and multi-functional, without compromising on design.



Over 30 years Umbrella production experience



Professional customization


Stable Material Suppliers


Our own QC Team support Quality assurance & control


Factory direct supply


Fast sample