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Since 1983

Brief Introduction of Artfarm Umbrella Limited

Artfarm Umbrella Limited was established in 1983 in Hsinchu, Taiwan, concentrating in making umbrella frames. Our manufacturing plant moved to Shenzhen in 1990 and again to Xiamen in 1998. In the process, we transformed ourselves to umbrella manufacturing company. It is uneasy to manufacture umbrellas. Umbrellas are handmade by skilled and trained workers. As an old-established company, we owe about 400 workers in our China factory. At the very beginning, we are specialized in making frames so that beside manufacturing umbrellas, we also devote ourselves to developing different structure of umbrella frames to meet customers’ need. We produce a variety of umbrellas, including 3-section folding umbrella, 4-section folding umbrella, fiberglass umbrella, automatic open and close umbrella, golf umbrella, clear umbrella, walking umbrella, kids umbrella, etc. As an umbrella manufacturing company, we are confident that our staff can off competitive and great umbrellas.

Artfarm Umbrella

Making Complete Umbrellas.

Our main strength lies in the design of the frame structure and mechanism. We hold various patents and design rights in our inventions and unique designs on umbrella frames, and we introduced the world’s first 5-section umbrella in 2003, which later became enormously popular. We are highly professional in crafting umbrella frames and extremely skilled in making complete umbrellas.

As a Proud Umbrella Suppliers Of World Famous Apparel & Fashion Brands

All our designs employ the highly regarded German-style sophistication with attention-to-detail and state-of-the-art outlook. New technologies and materials are regularly and continuously employed and utilized into our production lines and products.

Our mission is to dedicate ourselves in finding the finest and most suitable materials for our customers. As a proud umbrella supplier of world famous apparel & fashion brands such as Burberry, Coach, Guess, Kate Spade, Marks & Spencer and many others.

Artfarm Umbrella

We are confident that our expertise and experience of over 30 years can be of help to your esteemed company as well.


  • 1983 In 1983, Artfarm / Befashion Umbrella was founded in HsinChu, Taiwan, as an umbrella frame, concentrating exporting to Japan.
  • 1990 Artfarm / Befashion established an umbrella frame factory in Shenzhen, China, in 1990.
  • 1991 Artfarm / Befashion transformed and started manufacturing complete umbrellas in 1991.
  • 1998 In 1998, umbrella production was moved from Shenzhen to Xiamen. Also, we aimed to be an umbrella manufacturing company and expanded production line at that period.
  • 2002 The success of 5-section folding umbrella significantly impacts the worldwide umbrella market and proceed to global compact umbrella.
  • 2003 In 2003, Artfarm / Befashion shifted our focus to the umbrella of high value-added, such as patent, technology, and branding. To emphasize on OEM/ODM, Artfarm / Befashion has passed factory audit of various brands.
Artfarm Umbrella

As a professional OEM/ODM company,
Artfarm / Befashion owns our own factory with more than 400 highly skilled and experienced workers.